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Ocean Science Series


Ocean Science Series

In one way or another, every landform and creature on Earth reflects the presence of the oceans. Understanding the Earth's oceans is essential to our understanding of human history, the origin of life, weather and climate, medicines, the health of the environment, energy sources, and much more. Reports from the National Academies provide in-depth analysis and useful advice for policymakers and the general public on topics ranging from exploring the ocean's incredible biodiversity and resources to reducing threats to human safety from toxic algal blooms, contaminants, and coastal storms. This series is intended to help readers interpret information about the state of our oceans and better understand the role of ocean science. Contains five booklets: Oceans and Human Health, Coastal Hazards, Pollution in the Ocean, Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries, and Ocean Exploration.


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National Research Council. 2009. Ocean Science Series. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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32 pages | null | Paperback (pack of 5)
ISBN: 978-0-309-25356-7