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TRB’s Hazardous Materials Cooperative Research Program (HMCRP) Web-Only Document 2: Model Education Curricula and Toolkit for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials includes model post-secondary education curricula that address the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the safe, secure, and efficient transportation of hazardous materials (hazmat).

The model curricula, presented in the form of a toolkit that can be adapted for different audiences and educational purposes, consist of PowerPoint presentations and supporting materials covering eight topics: introduction to hazmat transportation; hazmat logistics; legal and regulatory environment; mode and route selection; risk management; hazmat transportation incident management; security of hazmat transportation shipments; and workforce development issues.

The PowerPoint presentation and supporting material for HMCRP Web-Only Document 2 can be downloaded from the links below.

Introduction to Toolkit Modules (pdf)

Module 1 – Intro to Hazmat Transport (ppt)

Module 2 – Hazmat Transportation Logistics (ppt)

Module 3 – Hazmat Legal and Regulatory Environment (ppt)

Module 4 – Mode and Route Selection (ppt)

Module 5 – Risk Management (ppt)

Module 6 – Incident Management (ppt)

Module 7 – Security (ppt)

Module 8 – Workforce Development Issues (ppt)

Santa Clara Case Study 2011 (pdf)

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