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TRB’s second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) Report S2-R04-RR-1: Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal documents the development of standardized approaches to designing and constructing complete bridge systems for rapid renewal.

The report also describes a demonstration project on US-6 over Keg Creek near Council Bluffs, Iowa, that was completed in 2011 using the accelerated bridge construction standards developed as part of Renewal Project R04.

The following three videos were also produced related to the Keg Creek project:

ABC for Everyday Bridges (18:39) highlights the specific techniques used to deliver a new bridge with only a 10-day closure.

One Design—10,000 Bridges (9:46) describes a tool kit for designing and constructing bridges that brings home the benefits of accelerated bridge construction techniques so local contractors can use typical equipment to build bridges quickly and efficiently.

Time-Lapse Video (1:30) shows accelerated bridge construction techniques being used by a local contractor with standard equipment to replace the Keg Creek three-span bridge.

SHRP 2 Renewal Project R04 also developed an Innovative Designs for Rapid Renewal: ABC Toolkit that describes standardized approaches to designing and constructing complete bridge systems for rapid renewals, as well as a case study on the accelerated bridge construction techniques used in the I-84 bridge project in New York. In addition, the project developed a half- and full-day presentations to help facilitate training on the accelerated bridge process to interested parties.

In June 2013, SHRP 2 released a Project Brief on Renewal Project R04.

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