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TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Synthesis 74: Combining Mixed-Use Flight Operations Safely at Airports documents practices in safely accommodating mixed-use aeronautical activity at airports. Mixed-use aeronautical activity refers to the different categories of aircraft a public-use airport is intended to accommodate in compliance with FAA sponsor assurances. These categories include gliders, helicopters, ultralight vehicles, balloons, airships, blimps, skydiving, aerial applications for agriculture and firefighting, banner towing, aerobatic practice, and similar flight operations.

Also discussed are unmanned aircraft systems and radio-controlled model aircraft activity that take place on an airport and can become part of the mix of an airport’s operation.

Not discussed are seaplane operations; ACRP Synthesis 61: Practices in Preserving and Developing Public-Use Seaplane Bases covers this topic.

An Impacts on Practice report details how this research was used to improve operations at Emmett Municipal Airport, outside of Boise, Idaho.

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National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2016. Combining Mixed-Use Flight Operations Safely at Airports. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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Publication Info

155 pages |  8.5 x 11 |  Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-309-38972-3
Chapters skim
Front Matter i-xii
Summary 1-2
Chapter One - Introduction 3-9
Chapter Two - Accommodating Aeronautical Activity 10-17
Chapter Three - Safety and Risk Management 18-20
Chapter Four - Airfield and Airspace Consideration 21-25
Chapter Five - Aerobatic Operations 26-30
Chapter Six - Balloons 31-35
Chapter Seven - Airships 36-38
Chapter Eight - Aerial Application: Agricultural and Firefighting 39-46
Chapter Nine - Aerial Advertising 47-48
Chapter Ten - Glider Operations 49-52
Chapter Eleven - Rotorcraft Operations 53-61
Chapter Twelve - Parachute Operations 62-72
Chapter Thirteen - Ultralights 73-79
Chapter Fourteen - Unmanned Aircraft Systems 80-85
Chapter Fifteen - Case Examples 86-103
Chapter Sixteen - Conclusions 104-106
References 107-114
Bibliography 115-115
Appendix A - Survey Instrument 116-117
Appendix B - List of Participants and Types of Activities 118-119
Appendix C - Sample Informational Summary from ACRP Legal Research Digest 120-120
Appendix D - Rules and Regulations Arlington Municipal Airport, Washington 121-124
Appendix E - Rules and Regulations Deland Municipal Airport, Florida 125-126
Appendix F - Sample Ultralight Rules and Regulations Bremerton National Airport, Washington 127-127
Appendix G - Sample Airport/Facility Directory Notam Remarks 128-132
Appendix H - Sample License Agreement for Aerobatic Activity Keene Municipal Airport, New Hampshire 133-134
Appendix I - Sample Certificate of Waiver for Aerobatic Box Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Florida 135-138
Appendix J - Examples of Hot Air Balloon Hazards 139-139
Appendix K - Sample Aerial Agricultural Operator Agreement 140-140
Appendix L - Sample Agricultural Record Requirements State of Iowa 141-141
Appendix M - Sample Airport Incident Report Form for Spill Reporting 142-143
Appendix N - Sample Towplane Operating Policy Boulder Municipal Airport, Colorado 144-145
Appendix O - Sample Glider Operating Agreement 146-147
Appendix P - Sample Training Depiction for Parachute Landing Areas B&B Airpark, Texas 148-148
Appendix Q - Sample Mixed-Use Traffic Pattern Meadow Lake Airport, Colorado 149-149
Appendix R - RC Model and UAS Brochures 150-151
Appendix S - Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Safety Code 152-153
Appendix T - Example of Special Operations Briefing Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Florida 154-154
Appendix U - Example of Tenant and User Notification Form Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Florida 155-157

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