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TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Research Report 168: Runway Protection Zones (RPZs) Risk Assessment Tool Users’ Guide helps airport operators evaluate the risk of an aircraft accident within an RPZ. Although runway protection zones (RPZs) are supposed to be clear of structures and people, it is still common for activities to occur within an RPZ for many reasons, and these reasons can be beyond the control of the airport operator.

The report is accompanied by a tool used to assess the risk of an aircraft accident within the RPZ, and, based on that output, assess the risk to people and property, considering the population density and land use. The tool can be used to run scenarios for planning around an RPZ or if changes are being considered, for example a change in the threshold, extending a runway, removing a hazard, and planning for a new runway. Ideally, the Users’Guide should be read before starting to use the tool.

Chapter 4 has instructions for installing the tool, including how to download SQL, which is required to run the RPZ_RAT tool. For background on the development of the tool, see the Contractor’s Final Report.

Disclaimer: This software is offered as is, without warranty or promise of support of any kind either expressed or implied. Under no circumstance will the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine or the Transportation Research Board (collectively "TRB") be liable for any loss or damage caused by the installation or operation of this product. TRB makes no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, in fact or in law, including without limitation, the warranty of merchantability or the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and shall not in any case be liable for any consequential or special damages.

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National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2016. Runway Protection Zones (RPZs) Risk Assessment Tool Users’ Guide. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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78 pages |  8.5 x 11 |  Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-309-44607-5

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