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Public transit agencies are increasingly partnering with mobility service providers. Among these providers are transportation network companies (TNCs), which include companies like Uber and Lyft and are the specific focus of this research effort.

The transit industry has produced research to describe primary considerations transit agencies should have in mind for partnerships with TNCs, but existing research has yet to identify specific project frameworks for transit agencies that have decided to pursue partnerships.

Findings of the report, TCRP Research Report 204: Partnerships Between Transit Agencies and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), draw on a thorough investigation of active and inactive partnerships between transit agencies and TNCs. This research is informed by dozens of transit agency surveys and follow-up interviews, past literature, and interviews with TNC staff and industry experts as well as FTA representatives. Transit agencies have a wide range of motivations for engaging in partnerships with TNCs. The motivations, however, are often not tied to specific performance indicators, an area in which transit agencies can be more proactive in setting the approach.

The report presents findings pertaining to data and information requirements of both transit agencies and TNCs; the various benefits and outcomes that transit agencies, communities, and customers have pursued through partnerships; and the challenges faced by transit agencies in developing partnerships with TNCs.

An additional resource is part of the project: the Partnership Playbook offers a brief, 5-step plan designed to help the transit industry be more deliberate in its approach to working with TNCs.


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