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Airport collaborative decision making (ACDM) is a process in which the stakeholders of operations—airport operators, the air traffic control tower staff, flight operators, ground handlers, fixed-base operators, and others—share information to improve policies, planning, real-time coordination, and decisions regarding operations.

The TRB Airport Cooperative Research Program's ACRP Research Report 229: Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) to Manage Adverse Conditions proposes a step-by-step approach to achieve ACDM implementation, supported by templates and a workbook, to involve stakeholders, define common goals and objectives, appoint leadership for the initiative, tailor a vision that serves the local needs, and develop a roadmap of successful projects delivering practical improvements.

Of the airports surveyed as part of this project, 67 percent do not hold regular meetings with the flight operators. Interviews with staff at individual airports show a lack of real-time coordination between the stakeholders. However, nearly all the survey participants responded affirmatively that they would consider holding such meetings to improve collaboration because it is commonly understood that more cooperation can help address local issues and improve overall efficiency.

Supplemental materials to the report include a presentation with an overview of ACDM, a toolbox that provides guidance and resources for implementing ACDM, and a text file that contains the steps for opening the toolbox and other materials.


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National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2021. Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) to Manage Adverse Conditions. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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