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Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle: Seventh Revised Edition (Downloadable Model, Update 2001)

National Research Council


Please note that this application only runs on a Windows operating system.

1. Click on 'Download NRC Model Application' button
2. Save to a local directory
3. Unzip
4. Double-click dairy_setup.exe to launch the application


This software is made available online as a service to the readers, and was neither produced by nor can be supported by the National Academies Press (NAP). The NAP is unable to provide customer service or technical support in any way regarding the installation, operation, or removal of this software, nor can we guarantee the accuracy of any results generated by it.

Because of the many variables involved and judgments that must be made in choosing inputs and interpreting outputs, the NRC makes no claim for the accuracy of this software and the user is solely responsible for risk of use.


The 2000 NRC Beef Model program was recently upgraded to enable its functionality on newer computer operating systems, thanks to Dr. Luis Tedeschi, Associate Professor of Animal Science at Texas A&M, and a member of the National Animal Nutrition Program.

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