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About Emails From NAP

The emails sent by NAP are the best way to keep up with the latest reports, final versions of reports, upcoming events, and special offers. Emails you can expect to receive from our list:

New Releases
The primary focus of our email mailing list is to keep you informed of what's been released. Every week, we send out our new titles from the week before, sent to the subscribers whose topic preferences match the topics of that week's books. In other words, you'll only hear about the new releases that you're interested in, and won't get a newsletter if nothing matches.

Final Reports
When a report is released in its final, edited form, we'll let you know in a special notice that you'll get if you downloaded the prepublication version of that title or if you downloaded something that's closely related.

Upcoming Events
We'll occasionally send out notifications of upcoming webinars and in-person events at the Academies to people who have expressed an interest in the reports related to the event.

Special Offers and Important Dates
We'll send out emails that gather up related books to celebrate notable dates in science or give background to events in the news. Every year, we send out an email on Darwin Day and another that gathers reports related to the State of the Union speech. We also send out special deals and discounts, so keep an eye out to save on purchases!


To sign up for emails from NAP, you can go to our subscription page, enter your email and check off the topics you're interested in, and then select "Subscribe". 

You also have the opportunity to subscribe when creating a MyNAP account or when logging in as a guest to download PDFs.


You can unsubscribe from our list at any time by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every email that we send. Note that this will unsubscribe you from all emails sent by the National Academies Press. 

Changing Your Email Address and Preferences

To change the email address where you recieve our updates: at the bottom of any email that we send, select "Update My Preferences", which will take you to the updates page with your currently subscribed email address. Change the email address in that field and then select "Subscribe", which will send our updates to the new address and will no longer send them to the old address.

Changing your topic preferences is very similar: click "Update My Preferences" at the bottom of any email that we send, which will show you what topics you're currently subscribed to, check and uncheck topics as desired, and then select "Subscribe".