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About Chapter Skim

We provide a Chapter Skim for every substantive chapter of the 8000+ publications of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine published by the NAP.

How It Works

The Chapter Skim interface presents what we've algorithmically identified as the most significant single chunk of text within every page in the chapter. It's an effective means of enabling a reader/researcher to get the gist of a chapter, and to focus on particular pages of interest within the chapter.

We also provide the top 30 significant phrases, derived from that same chapter, in the right-hand column. Click on a term, and you will see, in context, the chunks from any page from that chapter which contain the term. From there, you can open the exact page for further, contextualized, reading. 

The Chapter Skim tool has the potential to help researchers, students, specialists, and others more rapidly make use of our online resources.