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Obesity: Complex But Conquerable (Infographic Poster)

Committee on Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention; Food and Nutrition Board; Institute of Medicine

The United States faces an alarming obesity problem. We are quick to blame individuals for eating too much or exercising too little, but in truth, the causes are more complex and involve many factors. The Institute of Medicine's poster, Obesity: Complex But Conquerable, illustrates the recommendations from the recent report, Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of the Nation. This poster (12 3/8 x 37 1/8 inches) depicts both the magnitude of the obesity problem in the United States and the effect on our health and economy. Highlighted on the poster are five essential areas in need of improvement: Physical Activity, Food and Beverages, Marketing, Health Care and Workplace, and Schools. Public health departments, school districts, foundations, and community health organizations will find this poster useful in their efforts to educate the public and move the nation toward promising solutions.

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Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention is also the basis of The Weight of the Nation, a multipronged project, which sheds new light on the facts and myths of this urgent public health issue and explore how obesity is impacting our nation and the health care system. A four-part HBO documentary series, a companion book, and other facets of the initiative were developed with expert input from the Institute of Medicine as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.

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Weight of the Nation: Project PageThe Weight of the Nation Project Page

Watch the HBO full length documentaries which are free to view even without an HBO subscription.

Weight of the Nation: HBO Trailer PART 1: Consequences
PART 2: Choices
PART 3: Children in Crisis
PART 4: Challenges


Weight of the Nation BookThe Weight of the Nation book
Co-authored by IOM Executive Officer, Judith Salerno

Want to read the book?
Purchase The Weight of the Nation here.


Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention is part of our Obesity Prevention Four-Volume Set. You save $49.00 off the total price when you buy all four.