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Audio files of JFK Assassination Recordings

(here provided as *.mp3 files at 128 kbps)


All 8 tracks of these recordings are from the two Dallas Police Department (DPD) Channels at the time of the Assassination of President Kennedy.

Track 1: Tape recording by James C. Bowles, the DPD Communications Supervisor, of the playback of the Dictabelt that recorded Channel 1 from approximately 12:26 to 12:35 Dallas time. This is the channel used for ordinary police duties, on which there was a stuck microphone during the time of the assassination. This recording is 08:13 (8 minutes and 13 seconds) long.


Track 2: First segment of the tape recording by Bowles of the playback on a Gray Audograph of the Audograph disk that recorded Channel 2 from approximately 12:25 to 12:33. This is the Channel used in the Presidential motorcade by the Dallas Police Chief and the Sheriff of Dallas County. This recording is 05:23 long. There are numerous repeats on this copy.


Track 3: This is the second segment of the Bowles Channel 2 recording running from approximately 12:33 to 12:37. As discussed in the NRC report, there is a 0.4 second gap between the first and second segments, and the recording speed for the second segment is different [page 61 of the NRC report at]. There are numerous repeats on this copy. This recording is 03:14 long.


Track 4: Miscellaneous short segments of Ch 1 and Ch 2. The recording is 01:38 long.


Track 5: FBI recording of original Channel 1 Dictabelt from 12:28 to 12:34, with speed adjusted to make all 60 Hz hums the same. This recording is 07:00 long.


Track 6: FBI playback from 12:04 to 12:46 of original Channel 2 Audograph disc but with playback on a 33 1/3 rpm phonograph which produced no repeats in the relevant regions. As discussed in the NRC report, the audio output times must be speed corrected. In contrast to Track 7, the 7.5 ips tape was played back at 7.5 ips. This recording is 15:12 long.


Track 6B: This is a copy, made by N. F. Ramsey in 1983, of a copy of the Bowles recording of Channel 1, from 12:23 to 12:38. This recording is 16:21 long.


Track 7: The same as Track 6 except the 7.5 ips tape was played back at 3.75 ips, to make the relevant portions more understandable, and the first several minutes are omitted; this track covers 12:06 to 12:46, approximately. This recording is 26:36 long.