Teacher Guidance During Science Investigation and Engineering Design

recommendation 1
  • Select and present real and relevant phenomena or challenges
  • Guide observation and development of student questions
  • Facilitate students developing and using meaningful and relevant questions
  • Communicate clear expectations for use of information as evidence
  • Facilitate connections between relevant ideas and crosscutting concepts
recommendation 2
recommendation 3
  • Communicate clear expectations for students to develop evidence-based explanations and models
  • Set clear expectations for students to develop arguments for how their evidence supports explanations
  • Support design and testing of solutions to challenges, including re-design and re-testing as students refine their approach
  • Provide opportunities for students to produce multiple models and other artifacts that communicate their reasoning
  • Establish a classroom culture of respect and guide productive and inclusive discourse
  • Reflect on student and teacher learning
recommendation 2
recommendation 5
  • Highlight connections to experiences and phenomena students have encountered in previous learning environments
  • Plan coherent support for students to connect learning to phenomena beyond the classroom