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What is cancer control?

As defined in the National Academies report Guiding Cancer Control: A Path to Transformation, cancer control encompasses a broad range of strategies and tactics aimed at helping people at risk for and diagnosed with cancers. It extends beyond the traditional notions of cancer prevention or treatment, extending to palliative care, hospice care, survivorship care, and related social services.


Video from "The Complexity of Cancer Control" resource.

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The National Cancer Policy Forum serves as a trusted venue in which experts can identify high-priority policy issues in cancer research and care. The Forum provides a continual focus within the National Academies on cancer, addressing issues in science, clinical medicine, public health, and public policy that are relevant to the goal of reducing the cancer burden, through prevention and by improving the care and outcomes for those diagnosed with cancer. Through convening activities, the Forum members work collaboratively to examine these issues and highlight potential opportunities for action.

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What is Patient Navigation?
Personal Experiences with Patient Navigation
Health Literacy and Communication Strategies in Oncology workshop: Effective Communication
Health Literacy and Communication Strategies in Oncology workshop: Countering Misinformation
Delivering High-Quality Care—System in Crisis
Delivering High-Quality Cancer Care—Patients’ Wrap
Delivering High-Quality Cancer Care—Patient Centered Care
Long-term Survivorship Care after Cancer Treatment Workshop