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Commercial Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Management Certification (2007)

Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report (2006)

Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report (2007)

Impact of Behavior-Based Safety Techniques on Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers (2007)

Effectiveness of Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Training Curricula and Delivery Methods (2007)

The Role of Safety Culture in Preventing Commercial Motor Vehicle Crashes (2007)

Alternative Truck and Bus Inspection Strategies (2006)

Health and Wellness Programs for Commercial Drivers (2007)

Effects of Psychoactive Chemicals on Commercial Driver Health and Performance: Stimulants, Hypnotics, Nutritional, and Other Supplements (2011)

Operator Drug- and Alcohol-Testing Across Modes (2012)

Driver Selection Tests and Measurement (2012)

Special Safety Concerns of the School Bus Industry (2010)

Older Commercial Drivers: Do They Pose a Safety Risk? (2010)

Potential Safety Benefits of Motor Carrier Operational Efficiencies (2011)

Safety Management in Small Motor Carriers (2012)