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Assessment of Intraseasonal to Interannual Climate Prediction and Predictability (2010)

Sea-Level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington: Past, Present, and Future (2012)

Attribution of Extreme Weather Events in the Context of Climate Change (2016)

Review of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management "Air Quality Modeling in the Gulf of Mexico Region" Study (2019)

Future Science Opportunities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean (2011)

A Strategic Vision for NSF Investments in Antarctic and Southern Ocean Research (2015)

Responding to Oil Spills in the U.S. Arctic Marine Environment (2014)

Communities, Climate Change, and Health Equity: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2022)

Review of the Draft Climate Science Special Report (2017)

Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change: Anticipating Surprises (2013)

A National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modeling (2012)

Global Change and Extreme Hydrology: Testing Conventional Wisdom (2011)

Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth (2015)

Mid-Term Assessment of Progress on the 2015 Strategic Vision for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Research (2021)

Next Generation Earth System Prediction: Strategies for Subseasonal to Seasonal Forecasts (2016)

Ocean Acidification: A National Strategy to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Ocean (2010)

Antarctic Sea Ice Variability in the Southern Ocean-Climate System: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017)

Opportunities to Improve Representation of Clouds and Aerosols in Climate Models with Classified Observing Systems: Proceedings of a Workshop: Abbreviated Version (2016)

Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration (2015)

Limiting the Magnitude of Future Climate Change (2010)