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Satellite Gravity and the Geosphere: Contributions to the Study of the Solid Earth and Its Fluid Envelopes (1997)

The Dynamics of Sedimentary Basins (1997)

Possible Health Effects of Exposure to Residential Electric and Magnetic Fields (1997)

Toxicity of Military Smokes and Obscurants: Volume 1 (1997)

Rediscovering Geography: New Relevance for Science and Society (1997)

Oceanography and Naval Special Warfare: Opportunities and Challenges (1997)

Valuing Ground Water: Economic Concepts and Approaches (1997)

Watershed Research in the U.S. Geological Survey (1997)

Innovations in Ground Water and Soil Cleanup: From Concept to Commercialization (1997)

A Review of the Radiological Assessments Corporation's Fernald Dose Reconstruction Report (1997)

The Global Ocean Observing System: Users, Benefits, and Priorities (1997)

Safe Water From Every Tap: Improving Water Service to Small Communities (1997)

An Evaluation of the U.S. Navy's Extremely Low Frequency Submarine Communications Ecological Monitoring Program (1997)

Evaluating Human Genetic Diversity (1997)

The Scientific Bases for Preservation of the Mariana Crow (1997)

Review of Acute Human-Toxicity Estimates for Selected Chemical-Warfare Agents (1997)

Research Required to Support Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Monitoring (1997)

Toxicologic Assessment of the Army's Zinc Cadmium Sulfide Dispersion Tests (1997)

Barrier Technologies for Environmental Management: Summary of a Workshop (1997)

Review of Recommendations for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis: Guidance on Uncertainty and Use of Experts (1997)