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Changes in the Sheep Industry in the United States: Making the Transition from Tradition (2008)

Prospects for Managed Underground Storage of Recoverable Water (2008)

Review of the Toxicologic and Radiologic Risks to Military Personnel from Exposures to Depleted Uranium During and After Combat (2008)

Radiation Source Use and Replacement: Abbreviated Version (2008)

Estimating Mortality Risk Reduction and Economic Benefits from Controlling Ozone Air Pollution (2008)

Origin and Evolution of Earth: Research Questions for a Changing Planet (2008)

Phthalates and Cumulative Risk Assessment: The Tasks Ahead (2008)

Emergency and Continuous Exposure Guidance Levels for Selected Submarine Contaminants: Volume 2 (2008)

Managing Health Effects of Beryllium Exposure (2008)

Hydrologic Effects of a Changing Forest Landscape (2008)

Minerals, Critical Minerals, and the U.S. Economy (2008)

Desalination: A National Perspective (2008)

Integrating Multiscale Observations of U.S. Waters (2008)

A Framework for Assessing the Health Hazard Posed by Bioaerosols (2008)

Ecological Impacts of Climate Change (2008)

Spacecraft Maximum Allowable Concentrations for Selected Airborne Contaminants: Volume 5 (2008)

The Role of Theory in Advancing 21st-Century Biology: Catalyzing Transformative Research (2008)

Earth Observations from Space: The First 50 Years of Scientific Achievements (2008)

Soldier Protective Clothing and Equipment: Feasibility of Chemical Testing Using a Fully Articulated Robotic Mannequin (2008)

Mississippi River Water Quality and the Clean Water Act: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities (2008)