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Community Oriented Primary Care: A Practical Assessment, Vol. 2: Case Studies (1984)

Clinical Practice Guidelines: Directions for a New Program (1990)

Proposed Framework for Evaluating the Safety of Dietary Supplements -- For Comment (2002)

Nutrition Labeling: Issues and Directions for the 1990s (1990)

Cattle Inspection (1990)

Lead in the Americas: A Call for Action (1996)

A Summary of the December 2009 Forum on the Future of Nursing: Care in the Community (2010)

Food Labeling: Toward National Uniformity (1992)

Health Outcomes for Older People: Questions for the Coming Decade (1996)

Safety of Silicone Breast Implants (1999)

Improving the Medicare Market: Adding Choice and Protections (1996)

Strengthening the Connection Between Health Professions Education and Practice: Proceedings of a Joint Workshop (2019)

Contraceptive Research, Introduction, and Use: Lessons From Norplant (1998)

Pacific Partnerships for Health: Charting a New Course (1998)

Prevention and Treatment of Alcohol Problems: Research Opportunities (1990)

Reducing the Odds: Preventing Perinatal Transmission of HIV in the United States (1999)