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Science and Technology to Counter Terrorism: Proceedings of an Indo-U.S. Workshop (2007)

High-Impact Terrorism: Proceedings of a Russian-American Workshop (2002)

Countering Biological Threats: Challenges for the Department of Defense's Nonproliferation Program Beyond the Former Soviet Union (2009)

India-United States Cooperation on Global Security: Summary of a Workshop on Technical Aspects of Civilian Nuclear Materials Security (2013)

Terrorism: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Improving Responses: U.S.-Russian Workshop Proceedings (2004)

Regional Ballistic Missile Defense in the Context of Strategic Stability (2021)

Dual-Use Technologies and Export Control in the Post-Cold War Era (1994)

Building a Diverse Work Force: Scientists and Engineers in the Office of Naval Research (1997)

Building and Measuring Community Resilience: Actions for Communities and the Gulf Research Program (2019)

Improving Democracy Assistance: Building Knowledge Through Evaluations and Research (2008)

Proceedings of a Workshop on Deterring Cyberattacks: Informing Strategies and Developing Options for U.S. Policy (2010)

Internationalization of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Goals, Strategies, and Challenges (2009)

Potential Risks and Benefits of Gain-of-Function Research: Summary of a Workshop (2015)