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Analysis of Green Bond Financing in the Public Transportation Industry  (2021)

Tax Increment Financing for Transit Projects  (2020)

Alternative Funding and Financing Mechanisms for Passenger and Freight Rail Projects  (2015)


Financing Surface Transportation in the United States: Forging a Sustainable Future—Now!  (2012)

Strategies and Financing Opportunities for Airport Environmental Programs  (2011)

Guide to Value Capture Financing for Public Transportation Projects  (2016)

Innovative Techniques in the Planning and Financing of Public Transportation Projects  (2006)

Future Financing Options to Meet Highway and Transit Needs  (2006)

The Future of Airport Finance  (2024)

Guidebook for Effective Policies and Practices for Managing Surface Transportation Debt  (2022)

Performance Metrics for Public–Private Partnerships  (2021)

Guidebook for Developing a Zero- or Low-Emissions Roadmap at Airports  (2021)

White Papers for Right-Sizing Transportation Investments  (2020)

State Department of Transportation Fleet Replacement Management Practices  (2014)

Transit Public-Private Partnerships: Legal Issues  (2014)

Innovative Revenue Strategies – An Airport Guide  (2015)

Policing and Public Transportation  (2022)

Innovative Finance and Alternative Sources of Revenue for Airports  (2007)

Using the Economic Value Created by Transportation to Fund Transportation  (2014)

Airport Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Practices  (2011)