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Saragosa, Texas, Tornado May 22, 1987: An Evaluation of the Warning System (1991)

U.S.-U.S.S.R. Joint Meeting on Earthquake Hazards Mitigation: September 9-13, 1991, Moscow, U.S.S.R. (1992)

World-Class Research and Development: Characteristics for an Army Research, Development, and Engineering Organization (1996)

Theoretical Foundations for Decision Making in Engineering Design (2001)

Avoiding Technology Surprise for Tomorrow's Warfighter: Symposium 2010 (2010)

Interim Report of a Review of the Next Generation Air Transportation System Enterprise Architecture, Software, Safety, and Human Factors (2014)

Statistical Software Engineering (1996)

Global Networks and Local Values: A Comparative Look at Germany and the United States (2001)

Evaluation of NSF's Program of Grants for Vertical Integration of Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences (VIGRE) (2009)

Challenges in Machine Generation of Analytic Products from Multi-Source Data: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017)

Summary of a Workshop on Software-Intensive Systems and Uncertainty at Scale (2007)

The Future of Statistical Software: Proceedings of a Forum (1991)

Emergency Alert and Warning Systems: Current Knowledge and Future Research Directions (2018)

Oil Spill Risks From Tank Vessel Lightering (1998)

Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Materials (1984)

Summary of a Workshop on Information Technology Research for Crisis Management (1999)

Public Response to Alerts and Warnings on Mobile Devices: Summary of a Workshop on Current Knowledge and Research Gaps (2011)

Fourth Dimension in Building: Strategies for Avoiding Obsolescence (1993)

Roles of Industry and the University in Computer Research and Development (1982)

Sharing the Adventure with the Student: Exploring the Intersections of NASA Space Science and Education: A Workshop Summary (2015)

Anticipating Rare Events of Major Significance: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Simulated Voyages: Using Simulation Technology to Train and License Mariners (1996)

Signposts in Cyberspace: The Domain Name System and Internet Navigation (2005)

Globalization of Defense Materials and Manufacturing: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Options to Ensure the Climate Record from the NPOESS and GOES-R Spacecraft: A Workshop Report (2008)

Enabling Technologies for Unified Life-Cycle Engineering of Structural Components (1991)

A Review of the Next Generation Air Transportation System: Implications and Importance of System Architecture (2015)

Surviving Supply Chain Integration: Strategies for Small Manufacturers (2000)

Manpower and Personnel Needs for a Transformed Naval Force (2008)

Report of a Workshop on the Pedagogical Aspects of Computational Thinking (2011)

Asking the Right Questions About Electronic Voting (2006)

Adapting to a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities in Undergraduate Physics Education (2013)

Space Studies Board Annual Report 2015 (2016)

Review of a New Data Management System for the Social Security Administration (1978)

Effects of Double-Hull Requirements on Oil Spill Prevention: Interim Report (1996)

Fishing Vessel Safety: Blueprint for a National Program (1991)

Green Schools: Attributes for Health and Learning (2007)

Minding the Helm: Marine Navigation and Piloting (1994)

Modernizing the U.S. Air Force Base Level Automation System (1981)

Assessing the Impacts of Changes in the Information Technology R&D Ecosystem: Retaining Leadership in an Increasingly Global Environment (2009)

The Mathematical Sciences' Role in Homeland Security: Proceedings of a Workshop (2004)

Ensuring the Climate Record from the NPOESS and GOES-R Spacecraft: Elements of a Strategy to Recover Measurement Capabilities Lost in Program Restructuring (2008)

The Decade of Discovery in Astronomy and Astrophysics (1991)

Materials Research to Meet 21st-Century Defense Needs (2003)

Enhancing the Resilience of the Nation's Electricity System (2017)

Learning to Change: Opportunities to Improve the Performance of Smaller Manufacturers (1993)

Persistent Forecasting of Disruptive Technologies (2010)

Report of a Workshop on the Scope and Nature of Computational Thinking (2010)

Review and Assessment of the Health and Productivity Benefits of Green Schools: An Interim Report (2006)

Modern Interdisciplinary University Statistics Education: Proceedings of a Symposium (1994)

Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences: Issues for the 21st Century: Report of a Workshop (2000)

2005-2006 Assessment of the Army Research Laboratory (2007)

Proceedings of the Workshop on Promoting Access to Scientific and Technical Data for the Public Interest: An Assessment of Policy Options (1999)

The Earth's Electrical Environment (1986)

Working Papers: Astronomy and Astrophysics Panel Reports (1991)

Vessel Navigation and Traffic Services for Safe and Efficient Ports and Waterways: Interim Report (1996)

Visionary Manufacturing Challenges for 2020 (1998)

Assessment of the Continuing Operability of Chemical Agent Disposal Facilities and Equipment (2007)

U.S. Nuclear Engineering Education: Status and Prospects (1990)

2009-2010 Assessment of the Army Research Laboratory (2011)

Construction Research at NIOSH: Reviews of Research Programs of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (2009)

Aviation Weather Services: A Call For Federal Leadership and Action (1995)

An Overview: Physics Through the 1990's (1986)

Double-Hull Tanker Legislation: An Assessment of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (1998)

Social Security Administration Electronic Service Provision: A Strategic Assessment (2007)

Biometric Recognition: Challenges and Opportunities (2010)

Opportunities in Intense Ultrafast Lasers: Reaching for the Brightest Light (2018)

Cryptography and the Intelligence Community: The Future of Encryption (2022)

Alternative Technologies to Replace Antipersonnel Landmines (2001)

Technology Development for Army Unmanned Ground Vehicles (2002)

Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age (2007)

Trust in Cyberspace (1999)

The Unpredictable Certainty: White Papers (1997)

Approaches to Improve Engineering Design (2001)

Planning for Two Transformations in Education and Learning Technology: Report of a Workshop (2003)

Increasing Student Success in Developmental Mathematics: Proceedings of a Workshop (2019)

Human Performance Modification: Review of Worldwide Research with a View to the Future (2012)

Cultivating Interest and Competencies in Computing: Authentic Experiences and Design Factors (2021)

Automated Research Workflows for Accelerated Discovery: Closing the Knowledge Discovery Loop (2022)

Strategic Management of Information and Communication Technology: The United States Air Force Experience with Y2K (2007)

Securing the Vote: Protecting American Democracy (2018)

Report of a Workshop on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Workforce Needs for the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Defense Industrial Base (2012)

Materials Science and Engineering in a Post-Pandemic World: A DoD Perspective: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Proceedings of a Workshop on Deterring Cyberattacks: Informing Strategies and Developing Options for U.S. Policy (2010)

Assuring the U.S. Department of Defense a Strong Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Workforce (2012)

Microbiomes of the Built Environment: A Research Agenda for Indoor Microbiology, Human Health, and Buildings (2017)

Safeguarding the Bioeconomy (2020)