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Colorado River Ecology and Dam Management: Proceedings of a Symposium May 24-25, 1990 Santa Fe, New Mexico (1991)

Knowledge-Action Systems for Seasonal to Interannual Climate Forecasting: Summary of a Workshop (2005)

Population and Land Use in Developing Countries: Report of a Workshop (1993)

Transitioning to Sustainability Through Research and Development on Ecosystem Services and Biofuels: Workshop Summary (2008)

National Summit on Strategies to Manage Herbicide-Resistant Weeds: Proceedings of a Workshop (2012)

Radioactive Waste Repository Licensing: Synopsis of a Symposium (1992)

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Sustainability Partnerships: Summary of a Workshop (2009)

Time-Use Measurement and Research: Report of a Workshop (2000)

Variation and Evolution in Plants and Microorganisms: Toward a New Synthesis 50 Years After Stebbins (2000)

India-United States Cooperation on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism: Summary of a Workshop (2014)

International Perspectives: The Future of Nonhuman Primate Resources: Proceedings of the Workshop Held April 17-19, 2002 (2003)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume II: Biodiversity and Extinction (2008)

Fungal Diseases: An Emerging Threat to Human, Animal, and Plant Health: Workshop Summary (2011)