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Improving the Use of the "Best Scientific Information Available" Standard in Fisheries Management (2004)

Scientific Advances in Animal Nutrition: Promise for the New Century: Proceedings of a Symposium (2001)

Precision Agriculture in the 21st Century: Geospatial and Information Technologies in Crop Management (1997)

Using Science to Improve the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program: A Way Forward (2013)

Pesticide Resistance: Strategies and Tactics for Management (1986)

A New Era for Irrigation (1996)

Agriculture's Role in K-12 Education: Proceedings of a Forum on the National Science Education Standards (1998)

Agriculture and the Undergraduate (1992)

Review of Recreational Fisheries Survey Methods (2006)

The Science of Instream Flows: A Review of the Texas Instream Flow Program (2005)

Upstream: Salmon and Society in the Pacific Northwest (1996)

International Perspectives: The Future of Nonhuman Primate Resources: Proceedings of the Workshop Held April 17-19, 2002 (2003)

Regenerating Agriculture: Policies and Practice for Sustainability and Self-Reliance (1995)

Cooperative Research in the National Marine Fisheries Service (2004)

Sowing Seeds of Change: Informing Public Policy in the Economic Research Service of USDA (1999)

Animal Research in a Global Environment: Meeting the Challenges: Proceedings of the November 2008 International Workshop (2011)

Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Plants: Science and Regulation (2000)

The Drama of the Commons (2002)

Lost Crops of Africa: Volume III: Fruits (2008)