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Continuing Innovation in Information Technology (2012)

Computing Research for Sustainability (2012)

The Unpredictable Certainty: Information Infrastructure Through 2000 (1996)

Fostering Research on the Economic and Social Impacts of Information Technology (1998)

Getting Up to Speed: The Future of Supercomputing (2005)

The Unpredictable Certainty: White Papers (1997)

Internet Access to the National Library of Medicine's Toxicology and Environmental Health Databases (1998)

Computing the Future: A Broader Agenda for Computer Science and Engineering (1992)

Cultivating Interest and Competencies in Computing: Authentic Experiences and Design Factors (2021)

The Environment: Challenges for the Chemical Sciences in the 21st Century (2003)

The Role of Scientific and Technical Data and Information in the Public Domain: Proceedings of a Symposium (2003)

State Voter Registration Databases: Immediate Actions and Future Improvements: Interim Report (2008)