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Future Directions for the U.S. Geological Survey's Energy Resources Program (2018)

Renewable Power Pathways: A Review of the U.S. Department of Energy's Renewable Energy Programs (2000)

A Strategic Vision for Department of Energy Environmental Quality Research and Development (2001)

Prospective Evaluation of Applied Energy Research and Development at DOE (Phase One): A First Look Forward (2005)

Energy: Production, Consumption, and Consequences (1990)

Transitions to Alternative Transportation Technologies: A Focus on Hydrogen (2008)

Renewable Fuel Standard: Potential Economic and Environmental Effects of U.S. Biofuel Policy (2011)

Technology and Environment (1989)

Expanding Biofuel Production and the Transition to Advanced Biofuels: Lessons for Sustainability from the Upper Midwest: Summary of a Workshop (2010)

Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Energy and Mining Industries: A Call to Action (2013)

Review of the Research Program of the FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership: First Report (2005)

Urbanization, Energy, and Air Pollution in China: The Challenges Ahead: Proceedings of a Symposium (2004)

Energy Futures and Urban Air Pollution: Challenges for China and the United States (2008)

Reducing the Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles, Phase Two: First Report (2014)