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Supporting Research and Data Analysis in NASA's Science Programs: Engines for Innovation and Synthesis (1998)

Thriving on Our Changing Planet: A Decadal Strategy for Earth Observation from Space (2018)

Biological Contamination of Mars: Issues and Recommendations (1992)

The Federal Role in Highway Research and Technology: Special Report 261 (2001)

Utilization of Operational Environmental Satellite Data: Ensuring Readiness for 2010 and Beyond (2004)

Assessment of Impediments to Interagency Collaboration on Space and Earth Science Missions (2011)

Sharing the Adventure with the Student: Exploring the Intersections of NASA Space Science and Education: A Workshop Summary (2015)

A Review of the New Initiatives at the NASA Ames Research Center: Summary of a Workshop (2001)

Basic Research Opportunities in Earth Science (2001)

Setting Priorities for Large Research Facility Projects Supported by the National Science Foundation (2004)