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Medical Surge Capacity: Workshop Summary (2010)

Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Diseases: Enabling Sustainable Capabilities Through Ongoing Public- and Private-Sector Partnerships: Workshop Summary (2016)

Preparedness and Response to a Rural Mass Casualty Incident: Workshop Summary (2011)

Crisis Standards of Care: A Systems Framework for Catastrophic Disaster Response: Volume 1: Introduction and CSC Framework (2012)

Barriers to Integrating Crisis Standards of Care Principles into International Disaster Response Plans: Workshop Summary (2012)

Crisis Standards of Care: A Toolkit for Indicators and Triggers (2013)

Regional Disaster Response Coordination to Support Health Outcomes: Surge Management: Workshop in Brief (2015)

Engaging the Public in Critical Disaster Planning and Decision Making: Workshop Summary (2013)

Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Considerations for Children and Families: Workshop Summary (2014)

Regional Disaster Response Coordination to Support Health Outcomes: Summary of a Workshop Series (2015)

Evolving Crisis Standards of Care and Ongoing Lessons from COVID-19: Proceedings of a Workshop Series (2022)

Crisis Standards of Care: Ten Years of Successes and Challenges: Proceedings of a Workshop (2021)