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Serious and Fatal Motorcycle Crashes into Traffic Barriers: Injury Information  (2022)

Motorcycle Crashes into Traffic Barriers: Factors Related to Serious and Fatal Injuries  (2022)

Identification of Factors Contributing to the Decline of Traffic Fatalities in the United States from 2008 to 2012  (2020)

Roadside Safety Analysis Program (RSAP) Update  (2022)

Highway Safety Behavioral Strategies for Rural and Tribal Areas: A Guide  (2023)

Utility Pole Safety and Hazard Evaluation Approaches  (2020)

Design Guidelines for Mitigating Collisions with Trees and Utility Poles  (2022)

Highway Safety Behavioral Strategies for Rural Areas  (2023)

Practices for Balancing Safety Investments in a Comprehensive Safety Program  (2022)

Guidelines for Treatments to Mitigate Opposite Direction Crashes  (2022)

Wrong-Way Driving Solutions Handbook  (2023)

Long-Term Roadside Crash Data Collection Program  (2023)

Rural Transportation Issues: Research Roadmap  (2022)

Risk Assessment of Proposed ARFF Standards  (2011)

Guide to Alternative Technologies for Preventing and Mitigating Vehicle Intrusions into Highway Work Zones  (2022)

Current Practices in the Use of Onboard Technologies to Avoid Transit Bus Incidents and Accidents  (2020)

The Impact of Legislation, Enforcement, and Sanctions on Safety Belt Use  (2007)