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The Funding of Social Knowledge Production and Application: A Survey of Federal Agencies (1978)

Implementing Randomized Field Trials in Education: Report of a Workshop (2004)

Incentives and Test-Based Accountability in Education (2011)

Advancing Scientific Research in Education (2005)

Grading the Nation's Report Card: Evaluating NAEP and Transforming the Assessment of Educational Progress (1999)

Equity and Adequacy in Education Finance: Issues and Perspectives (1999)

Educating Teachers of Science, Mathematics, and Technology: New Practices for the New Millennium (2001)

Worldwide Education Statistics: Enhancing UNESCO's Role (1995)

The Academic Research Enterprise within the Industrialized Nations: Comparative Perspectives (1990)

Research and Education Reform: Roles for the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (1992)

Teacher Supply, Demand, and Quality: Policy Issues, Models, and Data Bases (1992)

China Bound, Revised: A Guide to Academic Life and Work in the PRC (1994)

Sustainable Infrastructures for Life Science Communication: Workshop Summary (2014)

Wind and the Built Environment: U.S. Needs in Wind Engineering and Hazard Mitigation (1993)

Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy (2012)