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Oceanography and Naval Special Warfare: Opportunities and Challenges (1997)

The People's Health: A Memoir of Public Health and Its Evolution at Harvard (1997)

Improving Health in the Community: A Role for Performance Monitoring (1997)

Risk Assessment and Management at Deseret Chemical Depot and the Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (1997)

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics: Priorities for the Future (1997)

A Review of the Radiological Assessments Corporation's Fernald Dose Reconstruction Report (1997)

Advancing The Principles of The Prevention Through People Program (1997)

Approaching Death: Improving Care at the End of Life (1997)

An Evaluation of Radiation Exposure Guidance for Military Operations: Interim Report (1997)

Vaccine Safety Forum: Summaries of Two Workshops (1997)

Assessment of Performance Measures for Public Health, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health (1997)

Premature Death in the New Independent States (1997)

Technical Assessment of the Man-in-Simulant Test Program (1997)

The Global Ocean Observing System: Users, Benefits, and Priorities (1997)

Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Research Animals (1997)

Toxicity of Military Smokes and Obscurants: Volume 1 (1997)

Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Health of Older Americans (1997)

Mars Sample Return: Issues and Recommendations (1997)