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Evaluation of the Second National Conference on Manufacturing Technology (1995)

Space-Based Broadcasting: The Future of Worldwide Audio Broadcasting (1985)

Seeing Photons: Progress and Limits of Visible and Infrared Sensor Arrays (2010)

Globalization of Materials R&D: Time for a National Strategy (2005)

The Flexible Electronics Opportunity (2014)

Persistent Forecasting of Disruptive Technologies—Report 2 (2010)

Instrumentation for a Better Tomorrow: Proceedings of a Symposium in Honor of Arnold Beckman (2006)

Service Life Assessment and Predictive Modeling for an Aging Critical Infrastructure: Proceedings of a Workshop (2021)

Educate to Innovate: Factors That Influence Innovation: Based on Input from Innovators and Stakeholders (2015)

The Climate Change Educational Partnership: Climate Change, Engineered Systems, and Society: A Report of Three Workshops (2014)

Harnessing Light: Optical Science and Engineering for the 21st Century (1998)

Achieving High-Performance Federal Facilities: Strategies and Approaches for Transformational Change (2011)

Investments in Federal Facilities: Asset Management Strategies for the 21st Century (2004)

A Path to the Next Generation of U.S. Banknotes: Keeping Them Real (2007)

Implications of Emerging Micro- and Nanotechnologies (2002)

Combat Hybrid Power System Component Technologies: Technical Challenges and Research Priorities (2002)