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Safe Passage: Astronaut Care for Exploration Missions (2001)

Toxicological Risks of Selected Flame-Retardant Chemicals (2000)

Guidelines for Developing Spacecraft Maximum Allowable Concentrations for Space Station Contaminants (1992)

Review of NASA's Longitudinal Study of Astronaut Health (2004)

Spacecraft Water Exposure Guidelines for Selected Contaminants: Volume 3 (2008)

Evaluation of the Transport Airplane Risk Assessment Methodology (2022)

Managing Space Radiation Risk in the New Era of Space Exploration (2008)

A Risk Reduction Strategy for Human Exploration of Space: A Review of NASA's Bioastronautics Roadmap (2006)

Methods for Developing Spacecraft Water Exposure Guidelines (2000)

A Strategy for Research in Space Biology and Medicine in the New Century (1998)

Review of NASA Plans for the International Space Station (2006)

Recapturing a Future for Space Exploration: Life and Physical Sciences Research for a New Era (2011)

Thriving on Our Changing Planet: A Decadal Strategy for Earth Observation from Space (2018)

Space Radiation Hazards and the Vision for Space Exploration: Report of a Workshop (2006)

Protecting the Space Station from Meteoroids and Orbital Debris (1997)

Limiting Future Collision Risk to Spacecraft: An Assessment of NASA's Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Programs (2011)

Review of NASA's Biomedical Research Program (2000)

Report of the Workshop on Biology-based Technology to Enhance Human Well-being and Function in Extended Space Exploration (1998)

Identification of Promising Naval Aviation Science and Technology Opportunities (2006)

Mars Sample Return: Issues and Recommendations (1997)