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Groundwater Contamination (1984)

Making Climate Assessments Work: Learning from California and Other Subnational Climate Assessments: Proceedings of a Workshop (2019)

Climate, Climatic Change, and Water Supply (1977)

River Science at the U.S. Geological Survey (2007)

Review of the Federal Strategy for Nanotechnology-Related Environmental, Health, and Safety Research (2009)

Research Progress on Environmental, Health, and Safety Aspects of Engineered Nanomaterials (2013)

A Research Strategy for Environmental, Health, and Safety Aspects of Engineered Nanomaterials (2012)

Bringing Fusion to the U.S. Grid (2021)

Implementing Climate and Global Change Research: A Review of the Final U.S. Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan (2004)

Hidden Costs of Energy: Unpriced Consequences of Energy Production and Use (2010)