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Toward Quality Measures for Population Health and the Leading Health Indicators (2013)

Primary Care and Public Health: Exploring Integration to Improve Population Health (2012)

Making Eye Health a Population Health Imperative: Vision for Tomorrow (2016)

Closing Evidence Gaps in Clinical Prevention (2022)

Premium Cigars: Patterns of Use, Marketing, and Health Effects (2022)

Improving the CDC Quarantine Station Network's Response to Emerging Threats (2022)

Combating Antimicrobial Resistance and Protecting the Miracle of Modern Medicine (2022)

Progress of Four Programs from the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (2021)

Enhancing NIH Research on Autoimmune Disease (2022)

Respiratory Health Effects of Airborne Hazards Exposures in the Southwest Asia Theater of Military Operations (2020)

Measuring Success in Substance Use Grant Programs: Outcomes and Metrics for Improvement (2020)

Leading Health Indicators 2030: Advancing Health, Equity, and Well-Being (2020)

Guidance on PFAS Exposure, Testing, and Clinical Follow-Up (2022)

Assessment of Long-Term Health Effects of Antimalarial Drugs When Used for Prophylaxis (2020)

Sexually Transmitted Infections: Adopting a Sexual Health Paradigm (2021)

Opportunities to Improve Opioid Use Disorder and Infectious Disease Services: Integrating Responses to a Dual Epidemic (2020)

Addressing Sickle Cell Disease: A Strategic Plan and Blueprint for Action (2020)

Management of Legionella in Water Systems (2020)

Framework for Equitable Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine (2020)