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Exploring Data and Metrics of Value at the Intersection of Health Care and Transportation: Proceedings of a Workshop (2016)

Quarantine Stations at Ports of Entry: Protecting the Public's Health (2006)

Understanding Airport Air Quality and Public Health Studies Related to Airports (2015)

Transit Research Analysis Committee Letter Report: November 11, 2016 (2016)

Improving Road Safety in Developing Countries: Opportunities for U.S. Cooperation and Engagement, Workshop Summary -- Special Report 287 (2006)

New Approaches to Ecological Surveys (2009)

Consideration of Environmental Factors in Transportation Systems Planning: Appendixes (2003)

Integration of Bicycles and Transit (2005)

Communicating the Value of Research: Contractor's Final Report (2009)

Effects of Aircraft Noise: Research Update on Select Topics (2008)

Performance Measurement Tool Box and Reporting System for Research Programs and Projects (2008)

A Guide to Transportation's Role in Public Health Disasters (2006)

Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT): Assessment for Transit Agencies (2014)

Individual Differences and the "High-Risk" Commercial Driver (2004)

Innovative Practices for Transit Planning at Small to Mid-Sized Agencies (2021)

Research Needs Associated with Particulate Emissions at Airports (2008)

Literature Review on Health and Fatigue Issues Associated with Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Hours of Work (2005)

Research on the Health and Wellness of Commercial Truck and Bus Drivers: Summary of an International Conference (2012)

Performance Measurement Framework for Highway Capacity Decision Making (2009)