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Privacy Issues with the Use of Smart Cards (2008)

Research Priorities in Emergency Preparedness and Response for Public Health Systems: A Letter Report (2008)

First Report from the NRC Committee on the Review of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration (LACPR) Program (2008)

Analysis and Recommendations for Developing Integrated Airport Information Systems (2008)

Parole, Desistance from Crime, and Community Integration (2008)

Changeable Message Sign Displays During Non-Incident, Non-Roadwork Periods (2008)

Transit Security Update (2008)

Uses of Fees or Alternatives to Fund Transit (2008)

Creating a Business Case for Quality Improvement Research: Expert Views: Workshop Summary (2008)

Assessment of the Bureau of Reclamation's Security Program (2008)

Fourth Report of the National Academy of Engineering/National Research Council Committee on New Orleans Regional Hurricane Protection Projects: Review of the IPET Volume VIII (2008)

A Guide for Addressing Collisions Involving Motorcycles (2008)

Dispensing Medical Countermeasures for Public Health Emergencies: Workshop Summary (2008)

Guidebook for Mitigating Fixed-Route Bus-and-Pedestrian Collisions (2008)

Resources for Legal Issues Associated with Bus Maintenance (2008)

Interagency-Aviation Industry Collaboration on Planning for Pandemic Outbreaks (2008)

Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery in the Transit Industry (2008)