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Performance Measures for Freight Transportation (2011)

Road Pricing: Public Perceptions and Program Development (2011)

Operational and Institutional Agreements That Facilitate Regional Traffic Signal Operations (2011)

Speed Reduction Techniques for Rural High-to-Low Speed Transitions (2011)

How We Travel: A Sustainable National Program for Travel Data (2011)

Assessing the Relationship Between Propagule Pressure and Invasion Risk in Ballast Water (2011)

A Review of Human Services Transportation Plans and Grant Programs (2011)

Transit Agency Compliance with Title VI: Limited English Proficiency Requirements (2011)

Transportation Improvement Program Revision Process (2011)

Tsunami Warning and Preparedness: An Assessment of the U.S. Tsunami Program and the Nation's Preparedness Efforts (2011)

Assessment of Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Technology: Interim Letter Report (2011)

Integrating Business Processes to Improve Travel Time Reliability (2011)

Costs of Alternative Revenue-Generation Systems (2011)

A Guidebook for Sustainability Performance Measurement for Transportation Agencies (2011)

Reductions in Transit Service or Increases in Fares: Civil Rights, ADA, Regulatory, and Environmental Justice Implications (2011)

Evaluation and Performance Measurement of Congestion Pricing Projects (2011)

Design of FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Girders in Shear (2011)

Transit-Oriented and Joint Development: Case Studies and Legal Issues (2011)