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Funding Biomedical Research Programs: Contributions of the Markey Trust (2006)

SBIR/STTR at the National Institutes of Health (2015)

Growing Populations, Changing Landscapes: Studies from India, China, and the United States (2001)

Lost Crops of the Incas: Little-Known Plants of the Andes with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation (1989)

Intentional Human Dosing Studies for EPA Regulatory Purposes: Scientific and Ethical Issues (2004)

Biodiversity Conservation in Transboundary Protected Areas (1996)

Meeting the Nation's Needs for Biomedical and Behavioral Scientists (1994)

Review of the Scientific Approaches Used During the FBI's Investigation of the 2001 Anthrax Letters (2011)

Identifying the Culprit: Assessing Eyewitness Identification (2014)

Scientific Communication and National Security (1982)

Urbanization, Energy, and Air Pollution in China: The Challenges Ahead: Proceedings of a Symposium (2004)

Saving Women's Lives: Strategies for Improving Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis (2005)

Improving Road Safety in Developing Countries: Opportunities for U.S. Cooperation and Engagement, Workshop Summary -- Special Report 287 (2006)