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Guide for Conducting Forensic Investigations of Highway Pavements (2013)

Guidance for Transportation Agencies on Managing Sensitive Information (2005)

Safety Reporting Systems at Airports (2014)

Interpreting the Results of Airport Water Monitoring (2017)

Guidelines for Transportation Emergency Training Exercises (2006)

Supplementary Cementitious Materials to Enhance Durability of Concrete Bridge Decks (2007)

Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Transportation Organizations (2004)

TRB Special Report 308: The Safety Challenge and Promise of Automotive Electronics: Insights from Unintended Acceleration (2012)

Improving Road Safety in Developing Countries: Opportunities for U.S. Cooperation and Engagement, Workshop Summary -- Special Report 287 (2006)

Concept for an e-Transit Reference Enterprise Architecture (2004)

Trade-Off Considerations in Highway Geometric Design (2011)

Current Practices and Guidelines for the Reuse of Bridge Foundations (2017)

Estimating the Economic Impact of Air Cargo Operations at Airports, Part 1: User’s Guidebook and Part 2: Research Report (2014)

Use of Event Data Recorder (EDR) Technology for Highway Crash Data Analysis (2005)

A Guide for Addressing Collisions Involving Motorcycles (2008)

Performance Measurement Framework for Highway Capacity Decision Making (2009)

A Guidebook for Successful Communication, Cooperation, and Coordination Strategies Between Transportation Agencies and Tribal Communities (2011)

Guidebook for Managing Small Airports - Second Edition (2019)