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Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems, Collection B: Chapters 6, 22 (Tutorial 3), and 23 (Updated) (2009)

Developing a Methodological Research Program for Longitudinal Studies: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2017)

Technology for Adaptive Aging (2004)

Learning and Instruction: A SERP Research Agenda (2004)

Transitions in Work and Learning: Implications for Assessment (1997)

Assessing the Research and Development Plan for the Next Generation Air Transportation System: Summary of a Workshop (2008)

Behavioral and Social Science: 50 Years of Discovery (1986)

Improving Risk Communication (1989)

Measuring Human Capabilities: An Agenda for Basic Research on the Assessment of Individual and Group Performance Potential for Military Accession (2015)

Examining the Mistrust of Science: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2017)

Enhancing Human Performance: Issues, Theories, and Techniques (1988)

Learning from the Science of Cognition and Perception for Decision Making: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Human Behavior in Military Contexts (2008)

Preliminary Review of the Draft Science, Education, and Design Strategy for the Water and Environmental Research Systems (WATERS) Network (2008)

The Outlook for Science and Technology 1985 (1985)

Collaboratories: Improving Research Capabilities in Chemical and Biomedical Sciences: Proceedings of a Multi-site Electronic Workshop (1999)

Adolescent Development and the Biology of Puberty: Summary of a Workshop on New Research (1999)

Redesigning the U.S. Naturalization Tests: Interim Report (2004)

Workload Transition: Implications for Individual and Team Performance (1993)