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Forested Landscapes in Perspective: Prospects and Opportunities for Sustainable Management of America's Nonfederal Forests (1998)

Global Change and Our Common Future: Papers from a Forum (1989)

Wormwood Forest: A Natural History of Chernobyl (2005)

Coastal Meteorology: A Review of the State of the Science (1992)

Renewable Energy Guide for Highway Maintenance Facilities (2013)

Why Indoor Chemistry Matters (2022)

Air Cargo Facility Planning and Development—Final Report (2015)

Understanding Airport Air Quality and Public Health Studies Related to Airports (2015)

Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Mexico: Proceedings of a Workshop (2007)

Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming (1991)

The Ongoing Challenge of Managing Carbon Monoxide Pollution in Fairbanks, Alaska: Interim Report (2002)

Improving the Resilience of Transit Systems Threatened by Natural Disasters, Volume 3: Literature Review and Case Studies (2017)

Airport Sustainability Practices—Drivers and Outcomes for Small Commercial and General Aviation Airports (2016)

Spectrum Management for Science in the 21st Century (2010)

Strategic Issues Facing Transportation, Volume 2: Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events, and the Highway System: Practitioner’s Guide and Research Report (2014)

Guide for Customer-Driven Benchmarking of Maintenance Activities (2004)

Effects of TOD on Housing, Parking, and Travel (2008)

Rediscovering Geography: New Relevance for Science and Society (1997)

Down to Earth: Geographic Information for Sustainable Development in Africa (2002)