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Surrounded by Science: Learning Science in Informal Environments (2010)

Learning Science in Informal Environments: People, Places, and Pursuits (2009)

Conserving Biodiversity: A Research Agenda for Development Agencies (1992)

A Biological Survey for the Nation (1994)

Biodiversity (1988)

Nature and Human Society: The Quest for a Sustainable World (1997)

Twenty-First Century Ecosystems: Managing the Living World Two Centuries After Darwin: Report of a Symposium (2011)

Biodiversity at Risk: Today's Choices Matter (2022)

Amaranth: Modern Prospects for an Ancient Crop (1984)

Resources for Teaching Elementary School Science (1996)

The U.S. National Plant Germplasm System (1991)

Environmental Science in the Coastal Zone: Issues for Further Research (1994)

Lost Crops of the Incas: Little-Known Plants of the Andes with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation (1989)

Symposium on Tactical Oceanography: Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, 12-15 March 1990 (1991)

Biographical Memoirs: Volume 60 (1991)

Finding the Path: Issues of Access to Research Resources (1999)

Biodiversity II: Understanding and Protecting Our Biological Resources (1997)

America's Climate Choices (2011)

Resources for Teaching Middle School Science (1998)

Attracting PhDs to K-12 Education: A Demonstration Program for Science, Mathematics, and Technology (2002)

An Assessment of the Need for Native Seeds and the Capacity for Their Supply: Interim Report (2020)

Alerting America: Effective Risk Communication: Summary of a Forum (2003)

Investing in Research Infrastructure in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (1998)

GEWEX-CLIVAR: Coordination of U.S. Activities (1998)

Climate Change and Ecosystems (2019)

Improving Student Learning in Mathematics and Science: The Role of National Standards in State Policy (1997)

Colorado River Ecology and Dam Management: Proceedings of a Symposium May 24-25, 1990 Santa Fe, New Mexico (1991)

Informing an Effective Response to Climate Change (2010)

Ecological Risks: Perspectives from Poland and the United States (1990)

Mendel in the Kitchen: A Scientist's View of Genetically Modified Foods (2004)

1993 Data Forum: A Review of an Implementation Plan for U.S. Global Change Date and Information Systems (1994)

Symposium on Naval Warfare and Coastal Oceanography: Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia, April 29-May 2, 1991 (1992)

Forest Trees (1991)

Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences, Second Edition (1999)

Perspectives on Biodiversity: Valuing Its Role in an Everchanging World (1999)

Knowledge-Action Systems for Seasonal to Interannual Climate Forecasting: Summary of a Workshop (2005)

Ocean-Atmosphere Observations Supporting Short-Term Climate Predictions (1994)

Climate Communications Initiative Strategic Plan (2019)

Science and the National Parks (1992)

Science, Evolution, and Creationism (2008)

Status of Pollinators in North America (2007)

Predicting Invasions of Nonindigenous Plants and Plant Pests (2002)

Biographical Memoirs: Volume 88 (2006)

Biographical Memoirs: Volume 74 (1998)

Population and Land Use in Developing Countries: Report of a Workshop (1993)

Learning to Think Spatially (2006)

The Pervasive Role of Science, Technology, and Health in Foreign Policy: Imperatives for the Department of State (1999)