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Implementing the New Biology: Decadal Challenges Linking Food, Energy, and the Environment: Summary of a Workshop, June 3-4, 2010  (2010)

Guidebook for Developing a Zero- or Low-Emissions Roadmap at Airports  (2021)


Pathways to Urban Sustainability: Perspective from Portland and the Pacific Northwest: Summary of a Workshop  (2014)

Consensus Study Report

Accelerating Decarbonization of the U.S. Energy System  (2021)

Guidebook for Developing a Comprehensive Renewable Resources Strategy  (2019)

Airport Greenhouse Gas Reduction Efforts  (2019)

Airport Renewable Energy Projects Inventory and Case Examples  (2020)

Lessons Learned from Airport Sustainability Plans  (2015)

The Carbon Market: A Primer for Airports  (2011)

Revolving Funds for Sustainability Projects at Airports  (2019)

Analysis of Green Bond Financing in the Public Transportation Industry  (2021)

Guidebook for Incorporating Sustainability into Traditional Airport Projects  (2012)

Consensus Study Report

Current Methods for Life-Cycle Analyses of Low-Carbon Transportation Fuels in the United States  (2022)

Developing a Business Case for Renewable Energy at Airports  (2016)


Characterizing Risk in Climate Change Assessments: Proceedings of a Workshop  (2016)


Deployment of Deep Decarbonization Technologies: Proceedings of a Workshop  (2019)

Methods for State DOTs to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Transportation Sector  (2022)

2021 Nobel Prize Summit: Our Planet, Our Future: Proceedings of a Summit  (2021)