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Valuing Health for Regulatory Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (2006)

Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence (2013)

Reducing the Burden of Injury: Advancing Prevention and Treatment (1999)

Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy Development and Fisheries: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2018)

Improving Road Safety in Developing Countries: Opportunities for U.S. Cooperation and Engagement, Workshop Summary -- Special Report 287 (2006)

Premature Death in the New Independent States (1997)

Gulf War and Health: Volume 7: Long-Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury (2009)

State of the USA Health Indicators: Letter Report (2009)

Emergency Medical Services Response to Motor Vehicle Crashes in Rural Areas (2013)

Using Existing Platforms to Integrate and Coordinate Investments for Children: Summary of a Joint Workshop by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion; and Wu Yee Sun College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2015)

Injury in America: A Continuing Public Health Problem (1985)

A Guide for Reducing Collisions Involving Bicycles (2008)

Applying a Health Lens to Decision Making in Non-Health Sectors: Workshop Summary (2014)

Contraception and Reproduction: Health Consequences for Women and Children in the Developing World (1989)

Vital Signs: Core Metrics for Health and Health Care Progress (2015)

Dolphins and the Tuna Industry (1992)

Health Consequences of Service During the Persian Gulf War: Recommendations for Research and Information Systems (1996)

Marine Mammal Populations and Ocean Noise: Determining When Noise Causes Biologically Significant Effects (2005)

Violence Prevention in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Finding a Place on the Global Agenda: Workshop Summary (2008)