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Consideration of Roadside Features in the Highway Safety Manual  (2022)

In-Service Performance Evaluation: Guidelines for the Assembly and Analysis of Data  (2022)

Evaluation of Bridge Rail Systems to Confirm AASHTO MASH Compliance  (2022)

Evaluation of Existing Roadside Safety Hardware Using Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Criteria  (2010)

Volume I: Evaluation of Existing Roadside Safety Hardware Using Updated Criteria—Technical Report  (2010)

Consensus Study Report

Cost, Effectiveness, and Deployment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles  (2015)

Improving Safety-Related Rules Compliance in the Public Transportation Industry  (2011)

Consensus Study Report

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: Handling and Management of Chemical Hazards, Updated Version  (2011)

Estimating the Safety Effects of Work Zone Characteristics and Countermeasures: A Guidebook  (2018)

Shopping for Safety: Providing Customer Automotive Safety Information: Providing Consumer Automotive Safety Information -- Special Report 248  (1996)

Training Program for Night Road Work to Improve Safety and Operations  (2004)

Nuclear Power: Technical and Institutional Options for the Future  (1992)

Guidelines for Guardrail Implementation  (2009)

Identification of Vehicular Impact Conditions Associated with Serious Ran-off-Road Crashes  (2010)

Ensuring Railroad Tank Car Safety: Special Report 243  (1994)

Alternate Strategies for Safety Improvement Investments  (2010)

In-Service Performance Evaluation of Guardrail End Treatments  (2018)

Research and Technology Coordinating Committee Letter Report: September 29, 2022  (2022)

Guide for Customer-Driven Benchmarking of Maintenance Activities  (2004)