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Guide to Pedestrian Analysis (2022)

A Model for Identifying and Evaluating the Historic Significance of Post-World War II Housing (2012)

Healthy, Resilient, and Sustainable Communities After Disasters: Strategies, Opportunities, and Planning for Recovery (2015)

Identification of Research Needs Related to Highway Runoff Management (2004)

Pesticide Resistance: Strategies and Tactics for Management (1986)

Developing Guidelines for Evaluating, Selecting, and Implementing Suburban Transit Services (2006)

Cleaning Up Sites Contaminated with Radioactive Materials: International Workshop Proceedings (2009)

National Science Education Standards (1996)

People and Pixels: Linking Remote Sensing and Social Science (1998)

Enhancing Internal Trip Capture Estimation for Mixed-Use Developments (2011)

Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes Handbook, Third Edition: Chapter 19, Employer and Institutional TDM Strategies (2010)

Tribal Transportation Programs (2007)

Research on Women's Issues in Transportation - Volume 2: Technical Papers (2005)

Equality of Opportunity and the Importance of Place: Summary of a Workshop (2002)

Frontiers of Engineering: Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering from the 2006 Symposium (2007)

Guidelines for Airport Sound Insulation Programs (2013)

Lost Crops of Africa: Volume I: Grains (1996)

Facing the Unexpected: Disaster Preparedness and Response in the United States (2001)

Drought Management and Its Impact on Public Water Systems: Report on a Colloquium Sponsored by the Water Science and Technology Board (1986)

Quantifying the Benefits of Context Sensitive Solutions (2009)