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Review of NOAA's Plan for the Scientific Data Stewardship Program (2005)

Knowledge-Action Systems for Seasonal to Interannual Climate Forecasting: Summary of a Workshop (2005)

Flash Flood Forecasting Over Complex Terrain: With an Assessment of the Sulphur Mountain NEXRAD in Southern California (2005)

Water Resources Planning for the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway (2005)

Valuing Ecosystem Services: Toward Better Environmental Decision-Making (2005)

Water Conservation, Reuse, and Recycling: Proceedings of an Iranian-American Workshop (2005)

Climate Crash: Abrupt Climate Change and What It Means for Our Future (2005)

The Science of Instream Flows: A Review of the Texas Instream Flow Program (2005)

Population, Land Use, and Environment: Research Directions (2005)

Developing a Research and Restoration Plan for Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim (Western Alaska) Salmon (2005)

The Geological Record of Ecological Dynamics: Understanding the Biotic Effects of Future Environmental Change (2005)

Polar Icebreaker Roles and U.S. Future Needs: A Preliminary Assessment (2005)

Review of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program's Synthesis and Assessment Product on Temperature Trends in the Lower Atmosphere (2005)

Public Health Risks of Disasters: Communication, Infrastructure, and Preparedness: Workshop Summary (2005)

Endangered and Threatened Species of the Platte River (2005)