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Measuring a Changing Nation: Modern Methods for the 2000 Census  (1999)

Statistics, Testing, and Defense Acquisition: Background Papers  (1999)

(NAS Colloquium) Geology, Mineralogy, and Human Welfare  (1999)

Consensus Study Report

Governance and Opportunity in Metropolitan America  (1999)

Applying Advanced Information Systems to Ports and Waterways Management  (1999)

Review of NASA's Distributed Active Archive Centers  (1999)

Consensus Study Report

Meeting Research and Education Needs in Coastal Engineering  (1999)

An Assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Measurement and Standards Laboratories: Fiscal Year 1999  (1999)

Downstream: Adaptive Management of Glen Canyon Dam and the Colorado River Ecosystem  (1999)

Assessment of Future Scientific Needs for Live Variola Virus  (1999)

Space Studies Board Annual Report 1998  (1999)


Proceedings of the Workshop on Promoting Access to Scientific and Technical Data for the Public Interest: An Assessment of Policy Options  (1999)

Starting Out Right: A Guide to Promoting Children's Reading Success  (1999)

(NAS Colloquium) Vision: From Photon to Perception  (1999)

Biographical Memoirs: Volume 77  (1999)


Impact of Advances in Computing and Communications Technologies on Chemical Science and Technology: Report of a Workshop  (1999)

Report on Draft 4 of the Standards: October 28, 1999  (1999)

Toxicity of Military Smokes and Obscurants: Volume 3  (1999)

Disasters by Design: A Reassessment of Natural Hazards in the United States  (1999)

Science for Decisionmaking: Coastal and Marine Geology at the U.S. Geological Survey  (1999)