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Sustainable Federal Facilities: A Guide to Integrating Value Engineering, Life-Cycle Costing, and Sustainable Development (2001)

Materials Research to Meet 21st Century Defense Needs: Interim Report (2001)

Summary of the Workshop on Structural Nanomaterials (2001)

Commercial Supersonic Technology: The Way Ahead (2001)

Review of the Research Program of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles: Seventh Report (2001)

Research Opportunities for Deactivating and Decommissioning Department of Energy Facilities (2001)

Materials in the New Millennium: Responding to Society's Needs (2001)

The Advanced Technology Program: Assessing Outcomes (2001)

Evaluation of Alternative Technologies for Disposal of Liquid Wastes from the Explosive Destruction System (2001)

Frontiers of Engineering: Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering From the 2000 NAE Symposium on Frontiers in Engineering (2001)

Transforming Remote Sensing Data into Information and Applications (2001)

Protecting People and Buildings from Terrorism: Technology Transfer for Blast-effects Mitigation (2001)

Research Needs for High-Level Waste Stored in Tanks and Bins at U.S. Department of Energy Sites: Environmental Management Science Program (2001)

Information Systems and the Environment (2001)

Learning from Our Buildings: A State-of-the-Practice Summary of Post-Occupancy Evaluation (2001)